7 Awesome Unexpected Singing Moments from Cinema

top 7 unexpected singing momentsEver been watching a non-musical movie when a random song pops up by one of the leads? And I’m not talking about songs that you were expecting, like from the movie “Duets” or “The Pick of Destiny”. I’m talking about the those moments in movies where one of the characters needs to over come some kind of obstacle (like get the girl) or for comedy or honestly in some of these clips we’re not sure what they were thinking. So today, we’re talking some of those great movie moments you weren’t expecting when one of the characters does what all of us wishes we could do/have done for us.

1) Heath Ledger, “Can’t take My Eyes Off of You”, 10 Things I hate About You,

Oh the late, great Heath Ledger. Long before he was the Joker, he was singing his heart out to win the heart of Julia Stiles in this modern update of “The Taming of the Shrew”. It’s pretty awesome really. The bad boy sings for the tough girl? Walls break down, love ensues, all in two hours. Awesome.

2) Tom Cruise, “You’ve lost that Loving feeling”, Top Gun:

Who didn’t love this brazenly over the top wooing of Kelly McGillis by the young Tom Cruise? It’s brilliant really, as it’s clear to all the other fly boys that whenever someone sings this song to a lady, everyone else is expected to join in. Which has led, I’m sure, to countless ballads in karaoke bars where everyone joins in because we all know this classic movie moment.

3) Chris Tucker, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”, Rush Hour 2:

The last of the “good” Rush Hour movies, Rush Hour 2 had Chris Tucker turns in a decent performance of the Michael Jackson classic. And when the Chinese girls join him on stage it’s more proof that all it takes is a good MJ song to get yourself a lady!

4) Kirsten Dunst, “They Say It’s Wonderful”, Spiderman 3

You know you weren’t expecting a modified version of this song from the Broadway musical “Annie Get Your Gun” in a Spiderman film. But see, that’s the greatness in the logic. Much like you the Spanish Inquisition, when you least expect it, BOOM! Sam Raimi drops a musical bomb! And I do mean bomb…..

5) Rupert Everett and friends, “I Say a Little Prayer for You”, My Best Friends Wedding

No list of unexpected movie music just “popping” in would be complete without this Julia Robert’s classic. And unlike Spiderman 3, when this song magically appeared (complete with a waiter that knew how to play the song on the nearby piano) you weren’t disappointed. Classic cheese. Classic.

6) Michael Cera, “These Eyes”, Superbad

A crazy movie got even crazier when Evan (Michael Serra) is force to sing The Guess Who ballad. Makes me want to cry… in a group….

7) Will Ferrel, Steve Carrel, Paul Rudd & David Koechner, “Afternoon Delight”, Anchor Man

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this movie, but I didn’t remember it being this hip hop flavored. Senility must be kicking in.

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